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Between The Barks Terrarium

Between The Barks Terrarium

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ByTheLeaf’s Between The Barks Terrarium is meticulously designed to mimic the enchanting allure of a lush forest. Discover the beauty of nature within your home while reaping the numerous health benefits of greens.

With numerous health benefits including stress reduction and mood enhancement, our terrariums offer more than just aesthetic appeal.

ByTheLeaf’s Closed Terrariums are perfect for gifting as well as home decor. 

Each Terrarium is handcrafted & hence unique yet similar to the pictures. 

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We ship within 5-7 working days.


Height: 7.5inches
Width: 8inches

Care Guide

1. Keep the terrarium indoors in an area that receives natural light or under artificial light. A regular LED works fine.
2. Keep the terrarium in a cool area.
3. Mist once in 7-10 days.