Our Story

Styling spaces with plants

Home isn’t merely a place- it’s a feeling. It’s like that bowl of soup on a sick day, a warm water bath on a cold day, and sometimes just a place to unwind. It’s what you make of it. 

When we were designing our home, we only had 3 things in mind- comfort, functionality and enough (or maybe too many) greens. For us, plants have always been therapeutic. They can add so much life to sterile spaces. While talking to our friends and family members, we noticed how everyone wanted greens in their homes, BUT were also scared at the thought of ‘killing another plant’. For some, dead plants meant negative energy and for some, it was just a lot of maintenance. 

These conversations led us to where we are today- greening up both indoor and outdoor spaces. From recommending which plants work best in a particular setting, styling the space with them, and ensuring that they are cared for- on a month on month basis, ByTheLeaf covers it all. We aim to create green spaces that not only look good but are also easy to manage, and some of them are even self-sustaining. 

We take up residential & commercial projects, as well as bare-shell projects and makeovers. The process starts with studying the space, understanding client’s vision, aesthetics and creating a comprehensive plan. This is followed by installation- bringing the projects to life.